Workshop: The Startup Life (Panel)


The Startup Life (Panel)

Unicorns, Zebras and Gazelle's oh my! Your guide to getting a gig at a Tech Startup.


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About this workshop

Many people assume that working at a startup is a risky proposition, and in some cases that can be true. Compared to firmly established corporations, the future of a startup is unclear, and getting a business up and running can require long hours.

That said, there are benefits to working for a startup that often make it well worth the risk, including the freedom to write new rules from scratch and establish a reputation as an innovator who makes an impact.

In this special panel event, you’ll discover that a fish in a small pond can make a big splash. Our expert panelists will share their experiences in working in a startup and offer some practical tips on how you can best position yourself to join one!

Who this webinar is best suited for:

  • Optimists, opportunists, and startup hustlers of all shapes and sizes!


  • New & Aspiring Startup Founders
  • Students & young professionals
  • Public Sector Professionals looking to 'make the switch'

Thursday August 20th
12:00pm - 1:30pm


Online Webinar via Zoom


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