Workshop: A mindset for wellbeing, resilience and performance in business


A mindset for wellbeing, resilience and performance in business


Michele Tocci - Chisholm Institute

About this workshop

This week we're bringing you something a little different a live webinar with Michele Tocci who is one of Chisholm's leading workplace trainers specialising in Leadership and Management, Human Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence.

When organisations develop positive cultures, they achieve significantly higher levels of organisational effectiveness — including financial performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, and employee engagement. Overwhelmingly research is finding that feeling positive helps individuals and organisations improve performance.

Startups frequently depend on funding, and some may be critically impacted, others may find themselves in a stronger position thanks to their capacity to adapt to the ever-changing landscape or because they provide digital services that have recently proven invaluable. Could the coronavirus crisis set the stage for the next big startup?

About Michele:

Michele has 12 years of experience helping business and individuals take control easily and effortlessly and to understand what is important in their lives. Her passion is working with business owners and their teams so they develop professionally and personally to achieve more and create a better life.

Michele has provided micro-credential training and accredited qualifications for Railway Infrastructure Alliance, Ventura, Gumbuya World, Frankie's, Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Trains Melbourne, Eastern Community Legal Centre, Shire of Yarra Ranges, Maroondah City Council and Southern Program Alliance. Michele holds a Bachelor of Business from Victoria University, including the studies of Management and Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, and Business Communications.


Thursday August 6th
12:00pm - 1:00pm


Online Webinar via Zoom

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Michele Tocci - Chisholm Institute


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