Workshop: I’ve got an idea! Now what?


I've got an idea! Now what?

They say it takes a village to grow a startup. Here is how you should navigate it.


Cameron Rambert, Frankston Foundry

About this workshop

So you’ve been sitting on that app, website, or another startup idea for a while now and are ready to take the leap! You may have already built a prototype and started telling people about it. Problem is, it’s just you (or a mate if you’re lucky!).

They say it takes a village to build a startup, and for good reason. Between founders, mentors, investors, or advisors, there’s a network of stakeholders out there who can help you move forward.

But, where are they all? How can you attract them to your cause? How can you tell the champions from the charlatans? Or identify the startup tools and programs that work from those that prey on vulnerable founders?

Join entrepreneur, founder & digital strategist Cameron Rambert in a talk designed to help give you an overview of the local startup ecosystem and set of clear next steps for you and your startup.

Who this webinar is best suited for:

  • New & aspiring startup founders
  • Frankston-based startup founders looking to tap into the larger Australian startup ecosystem

Who this is not well suited for:

  • More experienced entrepreneurs
  • People who own a retail or service-based business (ie; freelancer)


  • What is ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ and how can you cultivate it?
  • How does entrepreneurship enable you for the Future of Work?
  • How to leverage the Australian Startup Ecosystem to gain traction quickly
  • Essential tools for every new startup entrepreneur
  • Quick Wins to start progressing and stop procrastinating.

Thursday July 16th
12:00pm - 1:30pm


Online Webinar via Zoom

Presented By

Cameron Rambert, Frankston Foundry


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