Workshop: Beyond 2020


Beyond 2020

Opportunities & Lessons for Startup Entrepreneurs in a Post-COVID world


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About this workshop

The coronavirus crisis may lead to a series of changes forcing many companies to rethink their business models.

Startups frequently depend on funding, and some may be critically impacted, others may find themselves in a stronger position thanks to their capacity to adapt to the ever-changing landscape or because they provide digital services that have recently proven invaluable. Could the coronavirus crisis set the stage for the next big startup?

Who this webinar is best suited for:

  • Optimists, opportunists, and startup hustlers of all shapes and sizes!


  • What is the future of startups in an economy and society that has just been battered and bruised by COVID19? Is there a place for them in the new landscape? Is there an appetite an economy and motivation?
  • Find out what the future holds, the industries & sectors for growth plus how you fit in!
  • Be able to understand funding implications for new ideas and businesses with business models that had to pivot overnight.
  • Quick Wins to start understanding the new environment for the startup and your part in it.

Thursday August 6th
12:00pm - 1:30pm


Online Webinar via Zoom

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